Elizabeth Pawle

Today’s post focuses on another of our very talented local artists:  illustrator Elizabeth Pawle.  Loveone first met Elizabeth a couple of years ago at one of the I Make Fun Stuff Street Markets, and we have been selling her items ever since.

Loveone adores the simplicity of Elizabeth’s designs and that the fact they are so different to anything else. Our customers love her work too and Cathy is smitten by her Elizabeth Pawle dog brooch (so much so that she wears it everyday!).

So today we thought it was time to find out more about this very talented local illustrator and printmaker and share it with you:





Hello Elizabeth, Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

I used to be a magazine journalist working mainly in interiors but I’ve loved drawing and painting since I was a child. After I had my son in 2011, I gave up work to look after him but I found my hands idle! I started drawing again on a small scale – I filled sketchbooks with lots of little creatures – and began turning my drawings into brooches. All of my shrink plastic brooches and necklaces are still drawn and cut by hand. I began working with wood last year – I love the contrast between the natural grain and the colours I lean towards using (mint greens, turquoise, bright yellow) and I love tiny details so drawing and painting on such a small scale is great!




What materials do you work with?

When painting I tend to use gouache alongside charcoal and my line work is always done in dip pen and ink – I can’t find any modern pen that gives such a good line! Gouache is such a versatile medium and the colours it gives are perfect for my work, which is simple and almost always against white.




Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from all over. I live in the countryside so I see a lot of animals (which I’ve always loved) and I also spend a lot of time outdoors in the woods and by the sea. Before I had a baby I travelled a lot and I think travel is a great inspiration to many artists, myself included.




What do you want people to think when they see your work?

People tell me my paintings are quite calm and that they make them smile. As for my animal brooches, I think they just make people happy! And a lot of people buy certain brooches (the grizzly bear, the dog, the sea otter) because they remind them of someone they know (usually their husband!).



Thank you so much to Elizabeth for being today’s interviewee!

Loveone currently has in stock various Elizabeth Pawle brooches, little wooden bowls and small prints. Prices for Elizabeth Pawle items start at £10.




My favourite Things

In today’s post Loveone’s owner Cathy shares with us some of her favourite downtime things away from the shop.


The printed word

I don’t have many vices, but I do have a weakness for magazines from the Sunday supplements to the glossy publications that grace our newsagents. I love the anticipation that comes from purchasing the mag, the thought of sitting with a cuppa leafing through the pages imaging the house I may aspire to or the body I may achieve for this summer if I really put my mind to it! Its largely aspirational but I do get a sense of feel good after reading it. My allegiance to magazines has followed me as I’ve grown up…from Twinkle as a small child through the teenage angst and my companion read, Jackie. Hands up who remembers Cathy and Claire? As I became a little more sophisticated [mostly in my head] Cosmopolitan was the preferred read…fashion and fads, lads and sex! In my 30′s it was mainly Mother and Baby mags but when the time allowed I revisited my passion for interiors and then the magazine floodgates opened, I read them all! From Elle Decoration to the very smart World of Interiors, from Country Living to Self Build and Design. This obsession has slightly eased…for financial reasons amongst others! My current favourite though is The Simple Things and I have the pleasure of selling it at Loveone.. it’s quirky and thoughtful and contains great articles and beautiful photography.




I don’t just look at the photos though…honest I do like a good read and invariably have a book or two on the go. I’m currently reading The Leopard by Jo Nesbo…Norwegian crime very on trend, but great storylines! Happy to read most subject matter and since being in a Bookclub I have broadened my horizons…and appreciation of red wine ! I hope to chat bookclubs in a later blog..

I love the smell of a paperback and bookshops, whilst I have embraced the new technology and own a kindle, I still veer toward paper, to hold the genuine item, although my suitcase is much lighter now on holiday.




I watch less TV these days but another great pleasure is the boxset! I have just finished Homeland Series 1 and loved the idea of watching as much of it as I could manage back to back. Mad Men..gifted…and Dexter…weird but compelling!






I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth but I love these tiny little sugary delights especially those from Laduree! In fact the macaroons must come from this French emporium and better still actually be there having afternoon tea! The ultimate afternoon tea amongst the distinctive pale green and gold branding and the fine china, the delicate teas and a whole menu of leaves to choose from, and then the macaroons. A whole array of pretty colours and flavours line after line behind the glass. I even have the cookbook, boxed with a gold edge too good to be used, more as ornament. This is branding at its best.







Finally my dog Travis, a 5 year old brindle whippet. A constant source of amusement, a dog that doesn’t like going for a walk, hates the rain and shivers in the cold. But my 30mph couch potato curls up like a cat on your lap and is happiest sitting on the sofa with you. He doesn’t dribble or moult ,and doesn’t eat loads…perfect until he steals your chocolate ! So we do go for walks when its dry and mild, but as a townie whose wellies have perished suits me just fine!



IMG_0154 Travis





Betty Blue Hat

Following on from Monday’s post, we thought we’d do a close up on one of the shops featured on the Vintage Walking Map: Betty Blue Hat.

The shop is no 9 on the map and is located upstairs here at Loveone.

Jess Bradley, owner of Betty Blue Hat has been instrumental alongside Cathy in bringing the Vintage Map to Ipswich. She is even the talented lady who drew and designed it! So today we thought we’d interview Jess and get her to tell us a bit more about Betty Blue Hat.


 Upstairs Loveone


How would you describe Betty Blue Hat?

Seller of all manner of vintage and retro furniture and homeware.




How did Betty Blue Hat come about?

I’ve always had a fascination with 1950s/60s homeware and design, and had collected pieces for myself for over 15 years. The time came when it seemed only natural to try and turn my passion into a business. I started with a few local vintage markets to test the water, and after about 12 months an opportunity came along to join Cathy at Loveone…which I jumped at! It meant I could grow the business and I’ve been upstairs for 18 months now.


Storage stool


How do you search for items/ what’s your selection criteria?

I search many different places, carboots and junk shops are my favourite but I do go to auctions and am lucky enough to have people approach me via the shop.

I think I have refined what I am looking for over the last 18 months of being at Loveone. I am getting to know my customer and learning what sells and what doesn’t! There is a lot of vintage out there, and the hardest part is learning what not to buy! But the main criteria I go by when I source items for the shop is that I have to love it myself.

 70s smoke grey glassware


What would be your ultimate vintage find?

That’s a tough one…but I would say any ceramic piece by Stig Lindberg.

 Stig Lindberg vases


What’s your favourite piece in the shop currently and why?

I think it has to be the framed artwork I’m making from illustrative tiles from a vintage child’s game…it’s nice to be doing something a bit different, I’m usually working on furniture so this makes a nice change.


Vintage game artwork


Thanks so much to Jess for being today’s interviewee!


Betty Blue Hat is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm.

You can also find them online at www.bettybluehat.co.uk where even more vintage gems can be found, especially larger furniture items. The website also includes details of upcoming markets which Betty Blue Hat will be attending. Plus details of Betty Blue Hat’s vintage china and glass hire – perfect for creating that memorable event.

Or if you are looking for something vintage in particular then give Betty Blue Hat a call on 07766 306990 and they will do their best to find it for you.


Do you have a passion for Vintage?

In November 2012 Loveone and Betty Blue Hat produced the first Vintage Shopping Map of Ipswich. The map has a wealth of treasures waiting to be discovered including books, records, homeware, fashion and food.


MapFront MapRear


Loveone has always championed the quirky and eclectic and has dabbled with vintage and retro products for a while now. Most notably by joining forces with I Make Fun Stuff and bringing the Vintage and Craft Markets to our Street and recently to the Town Hall. For the last 18 months Betty Blue Hat Vintage has been in residence upstairs at Loveone, offering a great range of homeware and kitchenalia.


Loveone was involved in a similar project about 3 years earlier with a map to promote independent business in the town. It proved a very successful way of linking the small business community in view of the pressures now facing retail.


The Vintage map came about as it was becoming more and more obvious to Jessica Bradley (Betty Blue Hat) and Loveone’s owner Cathy that there were a number of great little businesses popping up within the town, offering products and services that were either vintage or retro inspired. Many of them are our neighbours on St Peters Street but some you really need to search for…hence the map was born.


 Map out front

Photo thanks to Alex Potter Photography


So we suggest invite a friend and make a day of it (just like Cathy and Jess are doing above!) Start at either end of the town with your map in hand.

There are 3 refreshment stops on the way:

Arlingtons – a café with a french Twist housed in the original Ipswich Museum

Snobs Coffee – an independent pop up in Galleryone of the Town Hall

The Tea Boutique on St Nicholas Street for a traditional afternoon tea.

For the best vintage fashion head to Fairweather Vintage which also offers an In House Tailoring service.

fariweather vintage


Wander down St Peter’s street and you will find some of Loveone’s neighbours including:

Claude Cox – rare and vintage books,

 claude cox


Myrtle and Mint – beautiful florist inspired by English country gardens

murtle and mint


And Mauds Attic  – if you like a good old browse, this really is a treasure trove of delight!


One of Cathy’s favourite stops on the map is Out of Time Records on Fore Street. It has been serving the world with vinyl and cds for 25 years, making it the perfect place to replace or revisit your vinyl memories.


This map has proved as successful as the earlier maps and has been a great way of getting the local business community to pull together.

It will be reprinted very soon with some new editions including a new independent coffee shop and a vintage hairdresser.

The maps are available from all the shops on the map, The Town Hall and the Tourist Information Centre.

We will be walking the map in May to celebrate National Walking Month so watch this space for further reports and news.

Keep walking and keep shopping!




Which Cow are You?!

Cowshed is a luxurious  range of bath, body and skincare products which are true to their British Heritage. If you are looking for honest and natural products which do as they say on the label, smell divine and make you feel amazing then this is the range for you. As Nicola Moulton, Beauty Director of Vogue UK says:  “Cowshed is such a quintessentially British brand; it’s cool and laid back, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but beneath it all there’s the most amazingly effective treatments and products. I can see it becoming our biggest beauty export!”

 Horny Cow


Cowshed is part of the Soho House Group which was founded in 1995 by Nick Jones. Soho House started as a private members’ club in central London, and now boasts Clubs all over the world including, Berlin, Miami, New York and of course its flagship Spa, Babbington House in Somerset. Babbington House was purchased in 1998 and has become a luxury spa hotel and club. It was here that Cowshed was born. The idea to create the Cowshed range came about when sourcing natural products to use in the hotel.  To this day, there continues to be a little bit of Babbington in every single bottle in the form of a special herbal infusion sourced from the walled garden.

The Cowshed Philosophy – only 100% pure premium essential oils used, made from sustainable sources, no nasty preservatives or synthetics, suitable for vegetarians and Made in England.




Loveone currently stocks the Cowshed lifestyle range which includes:


Handcare: Dirty cow and Grubby cow Handwashes. Plus Cow pat and Cowslip handcreams





Body oils, body washes and body lotions from the Mood Ranges of:

Knackered Cow – (relaxing) contains lavender and eucalyptus

Grumpy Cow – (uplifting)  infused with mandarin and grapefruit

Moody Cow – (balancing) contains rose geranium and frankincense

Lazy Cow – (soothing) with jasmine, chamomile and sandalwood

Wild Cow – (invigorating) contains lemongrass ginger and rosemary

Horny Cow – (seductive) with rose absolute, patchouli and cinnamon


We also stock the new award winning product range of Slender Cow which are designed to help detoxify, firm and tone the skin.


And not to feel left out we have Bullocks for men – this range contains hemp seed oil and is luxury male grooming without any fuss.




Travel kits are also available – not only are these very handy for nights away but also make a great introduction to the Cowshed range.


We have testers in store so pop in and try. Go on indulge yourself or your friends. This stylish spa range makes a great gift and generates a giggle or two at the quirky names!


The Art of Shopping

Morning Readers, Hope you’ve had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine (which has finally arrived Hurray!!!). In today’s post Cathy, is talking about an issue very close to her heart – the art of shopping and the importance of the High Street.




Thoughts from Cathy

Are we losing the art of shopping? Have you fallen out of love with the High Street, preferring out of town or internet shopping? I could wax lyrical all day about the High Street and I make no secret of the fact I love shopping..but its not just about the “purchase”, its also the experience, the conversation, the interactions, the coffee stop before or after [or both]. The thrill of bagging a bargain or finding that elusive pair of shoes in the right colour and size!

The fact that my shop is called LOVEONE is no accident, as its one of my favourite and well worn phrases for as long as I have been connected to shopping! I still remember the thrill of shopping trips as a child, catching the bus from Woolwich to Oxford Street. The annual trip to Hamleys at Christmas, buying my first pair of leather boots form Ravel on Bond street [those heady days!]…the smell of roasted coffee from one of the first coffee shops in Bromley [pre Costa]! Being completely bowled over by the Harrods Food Hall and the window displays at Fortnums. Even now that is shopping at its best…a piece of theatre. The joy of the purple bag from Liberty or a little brown bag from Bloomingdales…I could go on and on…




Are you a leisure or necessity shopper? I guess for many of us who are time poor we revert to necessity and convenience, I confess I do use the internet and have been known to pop out of town! BUT I still believe there is a place for leisure shopping, On a daily basis I meet many people who enjoy the High Street experience…they want to smell, touch, try on..and talk about the products.Its great sharing my knowledge about the designer I’ve met, the workshop I have visited, the story behind the product, where it comes from.



Photo Thanks to Alex Potter Photography


So next time you have a moment…visit your local High Street…nurture your inner shopper …remember we are there to help..be curious and ask questions ….be impulsive it might be the best thing you’ve ever bought!




xx p.s why not let us know your thoughts – leave us a comment about what the High Street means to you!







Babies Babies Everywhere!

Maybe it’s the time of year, or maybe it’s my time in life but suddenly I have a flurry of Christenings and Naming Days over the next few months. Like most people, I want to get that extra special gift which can be treasured throughout the child’s life. That is why today’s post is all for me (sorry for being selfish) and everyone else out there who is facing the same dilemma: Great gift suggestions for Babies from Loveone.


Here at Loveone, we have a wide selection of unusual gifts for Christenings, Naming Days and Newborn Babies.  Suitable for all budgets, we can even gift wrap and supply the card too. So if you are looking for that extra special gift – put Loveone on your map and drop in or give us a call on 07711 517787.



A fabulous keepsake item for a little girl is this Silver Little Guardian Angel Wings Necklace from Tales From the Earth. Packaged in a beautiful Gift box they come with the message:

‘Your guardian angel watches over you throughout the course of your life. These sterling silver angel wings, made for a deserving little girl, represent your invisible companion and serve as a reminder that you are never alone.’



 How can you ever go wrong with a Jellycat Toy – super cuddly and soft. A great gift which a child can love throughout life. We stock a wide selection of Jellycat animals – so come in and find the right shape, size and colour for you! Beware though – we can’t promise that you won’t end up falling in love with them so much that you buy one for yourself too!



How about a classic pearl bracelet from Hearts A Flutter. This would look adorable on a little girls wrist. A beautiful and unusual keepsake that could then be passed down through the generations.



A great idea would be this First Tooth Box from Tales From the Earth. A beautiful silver plated box, which comes complete with it’s own tooth fairy and scroll so you can record all the momentous details. Lovely gift choice for a boy or girl.



Why not choose something personalised – select something such as the picture above or a larger heart with name.



Don’t forget our extensive range of unusual cards as kindly held up by grey bunny.



Check out our range of bright and cheery giftwrap. Your present would be guaranteed to stand out from the rest!


The good news is – our range of gifts for Christenings and Naming Days isn’t just available certain times of the year. We make sure we have lovely and unusual gifts for all occasions all year round.

So when thinking of presents – don’t forget Loveone as your great gift destination.


The Morning After the Day before ……

So readers, did you have lots of chocolate yesterday? Mmmmm we certainly did here at Loveone. But has it put us off until next Easter – not likely! In fact as I write this piece, I am actually making serious headway through a child’s Easter egg! Is that wrong? Possibly but I have justified it that children get plenty of chocolate at Easter and they won’t miss one … or two! As chocolate is a guilty secret of ours at Loveone – we thought we’d talk about it in today’s post.



Cathy on Chocolate

Every year I am amazed at the variety of the simple Easter egg. They come in all sizes, flavours and shapes – chocolate bunnies (my particular favourites are the gold ones with the little bell!), chocolate cows, crème eggs, mini eggs and eggs with jelly fried eggs in…I’ll stop there. It made me think back to my earliest Easter Egg memories, when chocolate was simpler and less exotic. I was wowed by the packaging that’s for sure, quantity not quality … I’m glad to say I have since reassessed that criteria! But I can remember being very excited about anything from Cadbury’s and being very disappointed at the gift of a Black magic egg – I hadn’t developed the palate for the dark side at 7! And if your eggs weren’t eaten by June they were melted down into cornflake cakes…no chance of that in my house this weekend. Enjoy your eggs or whatever shape your chocolate comes in and don’t forget to recycle your packaging!





Ellie on Chocolate

As a child, I always was very sensible with chocolate and at Easter time I would make my eggs last well into the summer. However now as an adult, chocolate doesn’t last a day in our house! I’m not sure at what point my addiction became so great. I know my poor husband got ranted at one Birthday when he brought me a box of chocolates and was told ‘do you not know me at all I don’t like chocolate’! Now he’d be in trouble if my Birthday didn’t involve chocolate. So for some reason something changed – maybe I was a late developer in gaining chocolate tastebuds.  But they are certainly well developed now – whether its by itself, in a cake, ice cream or my own particularly special recipe of chocolate spread crackers:-) My idea of chocolate heaven is definitely Cadbury’s fruit and Nut – I can eat slabs and slabs of that! Whereas chocolate hell is  -  Turkish delight or Chocolate with a strawberry middle. But in desperate times – I’ll eat them all!





One of Loveone’s favourite chocolate buying locations is from the  More Than Memorable Cheeses shop in Ipswich. This shop is amazing not just from the fabulous cheeses (which we’ll talk more about in a future post) but also from the other products which they sell in their delicatessen. The chocolate which they sell is the finest and yummiest around. They offer a wide variety of traditional and modern chocolates, made by the very best chocolate makers in England and the Continent. So if like us you cannot resist Chocolate – then you must visit ‘More Than Memorable Cheeses’.






Chirpedy Chirp

Looking for an unusual Spring Gift for someone special? Whatever the occasion – whether it be a Birthday, a house warming, a thank you, a treat for yourself  – we will have something Spring like for you. Plus it’s definitely not too late to pick something up for Easter – so wrap up warm and call in. Alternatively check out our favourite suggestions below and give us a call on: 07711 517787. Then just like the Easter Bunny we will bring the gift to you!

By choosing a gift from Loveone, you will be guaranteed an unusual and well thought out gift. So don’t delay.

Our current Spring favourites:



 Look at all these cuddly Jellycat Bunnies waiting to go to a new home. How can you resist? Prices £4.99 for babies, £9.99 for small and £14.50 for medium. These supersoft and extra cuddly Bunnies will make a great present for children or young at heart adults.

Plus we also have in stock Jellycat Kenny the Cockerel or Tiggalope sheep. Do you know someone who could give them a loving home?



 As featured in this months Elle Decoration Magazine, check out these retro small blue vases. Yours for only £7.99 each. A great and unusual Keepsake gift. We liked them so much we even brought some ourselves.



Very Spring like is the range of homeware and prints from Cluck Cluck. These distinctive yet classic items feature hens, cockerels, pheasants and other birds. The mugs featured above are a snip at £13.99. Scroll down into our Blog history to learn about about our stock availability of this charming range.



Keen to add a splash of colour to a room? Then choose one of these original Biscuit cushions from talented designer/maker Nikki McWilliams. Price £34.



As Cathy said in Monday’s Blog, its time to put away those winter scents and replace them with an lighter fragrance of spring and summer.  These True Grace candles will soon have you dreaming of warm hazy days  – despite the weather outside! Prices start from £14.



Finally we couldn’t resist including these vintage egg cups from upstairs at Betty Blue Hat. Perfect for enjoying real or chocolate eggs!



p.s  The Simple Things lifestyle magazine is now in stock at Loveone.  This latest edition is jam packed with articles on food, travel, interiors, gardening and well being. A great read for the Easter weekend whilst tucking into those Hot Cross Buns.



Long Weekends

Easter and Spring is usually a time of such optimism – with bright new colours, better weather, and day trips out. However this year we may just have to wait a little longer for that spring like feel! With snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, most Easter Egg hunts will probably be held inside this year! Regardless of the weather, we  have a long weekend rapidly approaching (hurray), and for many it is the first break since Christmas. In today’s post, we thought we’d speak to Loveone’s owner Cathy and see what the long break holds for her.



Thoughts from Cathy:

In our house Easter is usually a time for spring cleaning. It’s a time for shaking off the winter by putting away the woolies and boots and mentally preparing for warmer times!

I’ll be thinking about the garden and pouring over aspirational magazines to create the dream outdoor space. I do it every year, although in reality my ideas don’t get much further than the sofa!




The house starts to smell different. The winter candles of amber and ginger that are almost finished will be replaced by the lighter scents of hyacinth and orchard. These bring with them romantic notions of warm breezes and summer days to come. Though we might need to use our imaginations a bit this year with the current weather!




It’s also about traditions with food being a big part of the Easter weekend. We’ll have hot cross buns on Good Friday which I might even have a go at making this year. I am really tempted by the delicious looking recipe in the April issue of The Simple Things  (now available at Loveone.). As a kid, my mum or gran would always make a Simnel cake – I love the marzipan but don’t like fruit cake but might even revisit that one this year.




And obviously the Easter eggs. Now the children are older the Easter egg hunt is no longer a feature of Easter Sunday but the eggs are still given and received. Then we all sit down to a family roast.  Hoping that we will soon be swapping the roasts for bbq’s and salads. Hoping that summer is just around the corner.




There’s an expectation about Easter…renewal, revitalising and almost like the new year is about to start again.



If you are looking for an unusual Spring gift then watch out for Thursday’s Blog when we offer our top suggestions.

xx p.s All Cowshed Giftsets are currently 1/2 price. Grab yourself a bargain but hurry we only have limited stock.


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