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So readers, did you have lots of chocolate yesterday? Mmmmm we certainly did here at Loveone. But has it put us off until next Easter – not likely! In fact as I write this piece, I am actually making serious headway through a child’s Easter egg! Is that wrong? Possibly but I have justified it that children get plenty of chocolate at Easter and they won’t miss one … or two! As chocolate is a guilty secret of ours at Loveone – we thought we’d talk about it in today’s post.



Cathy on Chocolate

Every year I am amazed at the variety of the simple Easter egg. They come in all sizes, flavours and shapes – chocolate bunnies (my particular favourites are the gold ones with the little bell!), chocolate cows, crème eggs, mini eggs and eggs with jelly fried eggs in…I’ll stop there. It made me think back to my earliest Easter Egg memories, when chocolate was simpler and less exotic. I was wowed by the packaging that’s for sure, quantity not quality … I’m glad to say I have since reassessed that criteria! But I can remember being very excited about anything from Cadbury’s and being very disappointed at the gift of a Black magic egg – I hadn’t developed the palate for the dark side at 7! And if your eggs weren’t eaten by June they were melted down into cornflake cakes…no chance of that in my house this weekend. Enjoy your eggs or whatever shape your chocolate comes in and don’t forget to recycle your packaging!





Ellie on Chocolate

As a child, I always was very sensible with chocolate and at Easter time I would make my eggs last well into the summer. However now as an adult, chocolate doesn’t last a day in our house! I’m not sure at what point my addiction became so great. I know my poor husband got ranted at one Birthday when he brought me a box of chocolates and was told ‘do you not know me at all I don’t like chocolate’! Now he’d be in trouble if my Birthday didn’t involve chocolate. So for some reason something changed – maybe I was a late developer in gaining chocolate tastebuds.  But they are certainly well developed now – whether its by itself, in a cake, ice cream or my own particularly special recipe of chocolate spread crackers:-) My idea of chocolate heaven is definitely Cadbury’s fruit and Nut – I can eat slabs and slabs of that! Whereas chocolate hell is  -  Turkish delight or Chocolate with a strawberry middle. But in desperate times – I’ll eat them all!





One of Loveone’s favourite chocolate buying locations is from the  More Than Memorable Cheeses shop in Ipswich. This shop is amazing not just from the fabulous cheeses (which we’ll talk more about in a future post) but also from the other products which they sell in their delicatessen. The chocolate which they sell is the finest and yummiest around. They offer a wide variety of traditional and modern chocolates, made by the very best chocolate makers in England and the Continent. So if like us you cannot resist Chocolate – then you must visit ‘More Than Memorable Cheeses’.






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