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In today’s post Loveone’s owner Cathy shares with us some of her favourite downtime things away from the shop.


The printed word

I don’t have many vices, but I do have a weakness for magazines from the Sunday supplements to the glossy publications that grace our newsagents. I love the anticipation that comes from purchasing the mag, the thought of sitting with a cuppa leafing through the pages imaging the house I may aspire to or the body I may achieve for this summer if I really put my mind to it! Its largely aspirational but I do get a sense of feel good after reading it. My allegiance to magazines has followed me as I’ve grown up…from Twinkle as a small child through the teenage angst and my companion read, Jackie. Hands up who remembers Cathy and Claire? As I became a little more sophisticated [mostly in my head] Cosmopolitan was the preferred read…fashion and fads, lads and sex! In my 30′s it was mainly Mother and Baby mags but when the time allowed I revisited my passion for interiors and then the magazine floodgates opened, I read them all! From Elle Decoration to the very smart World of Interiors, from Country Living to Self Build and Design. This obsession has slightly eased…for financial reasons amongst others! My current favourite though is The Simple Things and I have the pleasure of selling it at Loveone.. it’s quirky and thoughtful and contains great articles and beautiful photography.




I don’t just look at the photos though…honest I do like a good read and invariably have a book or two on the go. I’m currently reading The Leopard by Jo Nesbo…Norwegian crime very on trend, but great storylines! Happy to read most subject matter and since being in a Bookclub I have broadened my horizons…and appreciation of red wine ! I hope to chat bookclubs in a later blog..

I love the smell of a paperback and bookshops, whilst I have embraced the new technology and own a kindle, I still veer toward paper, to hold the genuine item, although my suitcase is much lighter now on holiday.




I watch less TV these days but another great pleasure is the boxset! I have just finished Homeland Series 1 and loved the idea of watching as much of it as I could manage back to back. Mad Men..gifted…and Dexter…weird but compelling!






I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth but I love these tiny little sugary delights especially those from Laduree! In fact the macaroons must come from this French emporium and better still actually be there having afternoon tea! The ultimate afternoon tea amongst the distinctive pale green and gold branding and the fine china, the delicate teas and a whole menu of leaves to choose from, and then the macaroons. A whole array of pretty colours and flavours line after line behind the glass. I even have the cookbook, boxed with a gold edge too good to be used, more as ornament. This is branding at its best.







Finally my dog Travis, a 5 year old brindle whippet. A constant source of amusement, a dog that doesn’t like going for a walk, hates the rain and shivers in the cold. But my 30mph couch potato curls up like a cat on your lap and is happiest sitting on the sofa with you. He doesn’t dribble or moult ,and doesn’t eat loads…perfect until he steals your chocolate ! So we do go for walks when its dry and mild, but as a townie whose wellies have perished suits me just fine!



IMG_0154 Travis





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