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Morning, today we thought we’d bring you an interview from the very lovely and talented photographer Sam Barker.

Sam is currently exhibiting his ‘Along the Way’ Photographic Collection in Galleryone of the Town Hall. The collection is a great mixture of sights which Sam has seen on his travels,  everyday images, friends and local sights.

Make sure you pop along as Sam is definitely one to watch for the future.




A bit about Sam the person

There is nothing not to like about Sam. His life revolves around his three main passions: photography, music and skateboarding. He can talk about these with so much energy and enthusiasm that it is envigorating.

From Holbrook, Sam had his first disposable camera at the age of 10 and then by the age of 12/13 had a 35ml panoramic. He was destined to be interested in photography in some way -his Dad was a Wedding photographer and he would often go along to help him out. He then went onto study media and photography at Suffolk college – but failed by 1 point on the written side!

He gets his inspiration from everything around him. Photographically – he admires the work of celebrity photographer Rankin, who Sam believes can really capture the moment between the photographer and its subject.

Sam always has his camera in his bag. He assures me he can switch off. But equally he will stop the car and shoot something if he sees a certain angle or image. He believes this ability to really look at things has come from his skateboarding, where he developed a different set of eyes to work out new tricks.




The exhibition

The exhibition is based on images which Sam has collected over the last 4 years both in film and digital. The collection is based on his travels, random moments which he was lucky to be part of, inspiring and special people  and  images from his roots in Suffolk.

Images are for sale and prices range between £30 – £200.




The collection first came together when he was asked by his friend Cindy Frey to exhibit at her art gallery in Kortrijk, Belgium. He was then asked by his friends Abby Curtis and Steph Larkin (owners of Snobs Coffee) to showcase on their wall in Galleryone. Sam then became known to ourselves and Atrium Studios and it was decided that Sam’s work was so fantastic that he should become the first artist to showcase on all three walls.

When asked about his favourite image in the exhibition, Sam didn’t hesitate. His favourite image is the ‘Girl with the Red Lipstick’. For him it is the focus which really makes this image stand out and the fact that everything is so natural – no flash, not edited.  It was taken on his Dad’s old wedding film camera and he only had three shots to get it right! He knew as soon as he’d shot it that he was going to love it and rushed it off to the developers straight away!




Sam’s desire is that people will gain inspiration from the exhibition. Rather than staying at home and watching tv, he hopes it will inspire them to  go out there, travel and do stuff.

The exhibition is already proving a great success and has really got people looking.  Sam is already in discussions with a friend about a possible joint exhibition later in the year.

The exhibition is on until the 8th April. So pop along to Galleryone and check it out. You can even treat yourself to a coffee at Snobs whilst you are there!


If you want to know more or contact Sam – then find him on:

Facebook: Sam Barker Photography



xx p.s thanks to all of you who came and supported the indoor vintage and craft market. It was a great day and so fantastic to have so many of the regions talented designers and makers all under one roof.

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