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The Art of Shopping

Morning Readers, Hope you’ve had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine (which has finally arrived Hurray!!!). In today’s post Cathy, is talking about an issue very close to her heart – the art of shopping and the importance of the High Street.




Thoughts from Cathy

Are we losing the art of shopping? Have you fallen out of love with the High Street, preferring out of town or internet shopping? I could wax lyrical all day about the High Street and I make no secret of the fact I love shopping..but its not just about the “purchase”, its also the experience, the conversation, the interactions, the coffee stop before or after [or both]. The thrill of bagging a bargain or finding that elusive pair of shoes in the right colour and size!

The fact that my shop is called LOVEONE is no accident, as its one of my favourite and well worn phrases for as long as I have been connected to shopping! I still remember the thrill of shopping trips as a child, catching the bus from Woolwich to Oxford Street. The annual trip to Hamleys at Christmas, buying my first pair of leather boots form Ravel on Bond street [those heady days!]…the smell of roasted coffee from one of the first coffee shops in Bromley [pre Costa]! Being completely bowled over by the Harrods Food Hall and the window displays at Fortnums. Even now that is shopping at its best…a piece of theatre. The joy of the purple bag from Liberty or a little brown bag from Bloomingdales…I could go on and on…




Are you a leisure or necessity shopper? I guess for many of us who are time poor we revert to necessity and convenience, I confess I do use the internet and have been known to pop out of town! BUT I still believe there is a place for leisure shopping, On a daily basis I meet many people who enjoy the High Street experience…they want to smell, touch, try on..and talk about the products.Its great sharing my knowledge about the designer I’ve met, the workshop I have visited, the story behind the product, where it comes from.



Photo Thanks to Alex Potter Photography


So next time you have a moment…visit your local High Street…nurture your inner shopper …remember we are there to curious and ask questions ….be impulsive it might be the best thing you’ve ever bought!




xx p.s why not let us know your thoughts – leave us a comment about what the High Street means to you!







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