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The Art of Shopping

Morning Readers, Hope you’ve had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine (which has finally arrived Hurray!!!). In today’s post Cathy, is talking about an issue very close to her heart – the art of shopping and the importance of the High Street.




Thoughts from Cathy

Are we losing the art of shopping? Have you fallen out of love with the High Street, preferring out of town or internet shopping? I could wax lyrical all day about the High Street and I make no secret of the fact I love shopping..but its not just about the “purchase”, its also the experience, the conversation, the interactions, the coffee stop before or after [or both]. The thrill of bagging a bargain or finding that elusive pair of shoes in the right colour and size!

The fact that my shop is called LOVEONE is no accident, as its one of my favourite and well worn phrases for as long as I have been connected to shopping! I still remember the thrill of shopping trips as a child, catching the bus from Woolwich to Oxford Street. The annual trip to Hamleys at Christmas, buying my first pair of leather boots form Ravel on Bond street [those heady days!]…the smell of roasted coffee from one of the first coffee shops in Bromley [pre Costa]! Being completely bowled over by the Harrods Food Hall and the window displays at Fortnums. Even now that is shopping at its best…a piece of theatre. The joy of the purple bag from Liberty or a little brown bag from Bloomingdales…I could go on and on…




Are you a leisure or necessity shopper? I guess for many of us who are time poor we revert to necessity and convenience, I confess I do use the internet and have been known to pop out of town! BUT I still believe there is a place for leisure shopping, On a daily basis I meet many people who enjoy the High Street experience…they want to smell, touch, try on..and talk about the products.Its great sharing my knowledge about the designer I’ve met, the workshop I have visited, the story behind the product, where it comes from.



Photo Thanks to Alex Potter Photography


So next time you have a moment…visit your local High Street…nurture your inner shopper …remember we are there to curious and ask questions ….be impulsive it might be the best thing you’ve ever bought!




xx p.s why not let us know your thoughts – leave us a comment about what the High Street means to you!







The Future of the High Street

Us again …. For Blog 2, we thought we’d look at an issue very dear to our hearts ‘Saving the High Street’. Loveone really believes in the shop local ethos and is very passionate about promoting its benefits.


The High street has changed dramatically over the last few years – established names have come and gone, empty shops are on the increase, and footfall is falling in many of our town centres. People are choosing instead to shop online or visit out of town shopping outlets. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we do know there are likely to be many more challenges ahead.


Lets just stress that this Blog isn’t about saying we are against technology or change. In fact writing this Blog is part of our acceptance that we need to embrace it. But equally Loveone and owner Cathy Frost are not simply prepared to sit back and watch the High Street fade away. Cathy believes it is vital for towns and cities to maintain a vibrant small business community. We believe the Saints shopping district in Ipswich is a good example of this. Here customers will find an interesting array of independent shops and businesses offering great alternatives to the generic high street names.

High Street


For Cathy there are two types of shopper : those shopping for necessity and those for leisure. The challenge for independent shopkeepers is to make potential customers realise that their shops can appeal to both types of need. Loveone is a shop where people have the time to look for that perfect gift, but it is also the shop where people pop to in their lunchbreak because they have forgotten a Birthday card or wrapping paper!


Once the customer is through the door, we then believe they will see the many advantages to shopping locally:


Fantastic customer service - we know our products inside out! Therefore we love talking about them and advising people on that perfect gift!

Competitively priced products at Loveone we pride ourselves on offering unique gifts at reasonable prices.

Sense of communityCome in and have a chat. Our customers brighten our day and hopefully we do the same back!


Loveone has also risen to the Mary Portas challenge of bringing people back to the High Street by collaborating with ‘I Make Fun Stuff’ to hold regular Street Markets in St Peter’s Street. These have been really successful in bringing people back into the town. It is also working with Snobs Coffee, Atrium studio, Betty Blue Hat vintage furniture and Ipswich Borough Council to bring Gallery One, in the Town Hall, into the Public domain. We are really looking forward to talking more about these in future Blogs.


Street Market


In our opinion, it would be such a shame for traditional town centre shopping to die. By supporting the local economy you are helping to create sustainable independent shops that can really grow and redefine town centre shopping for the better.


Oooh Love is in the air … Valentines day is getting closer …. don’t forget we can gift wrap your loved ones present


A Blogging We Will Go …..

Hello, we are so excited here at Loveone to be starting February with a new Blog.


For those of you who haven’t visited us yet – we pride ourselves on being the smallest department store in Ipswich. Located in St Peter’s Street, we sell a wide range of gifts from jewellery, candles, toys, prints, cushions, cards to bath products.

Window Hello PushkinIMG_2486[1]


We primarily stock products which are designed and made in Britain. We are the only shop in town to stock recognisable British brands such as; Jellycat, Cowshed, Ham and True Grace. But we also offer products from the many talented designers and makers which the region has to offer, such as Jess Broad (Hello Pushkin) and Victoria Hall (Cluck Cluck). Loveone’s owner Cathy Frost, is regularly up in London searching out new designers or meeting with local Suffolk talent to ensure stock is kept fresh .


Residing within Loveone we also have:

Betty Blue Hat – sellers of all manner of retro and vintage homeware (upstairs)

Jenny Wren Yarns – the place to stop for anything knitting or crochet related (downstairs back)


We are deceptively larger than we look from the outside!


The aim is to use the Blog to keep you updated with the latest shop news, such as new products, designers and gift ideas. But also to update you on local issues and projects which Cathy and Loveone are passionate about, such as the St Peter’s Street markets which are organised jointly with ‘I Make Fun Stuff’, showcasing artists at Gallery one and doing our bit to support the high street to name but a few! We have so many things we want to talk about … you may not be able to get us to stop :-)


BTW – only 14 days until Valentines Day and we have just got the most amazing new jewellery in:


Tales of the Earth



Perfect for that special someone, along with many other unique Valentines gifts and cards to choose from.


Thanks for reading. We look forward to having you along for our blogging adventure xx

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