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Our House

For today’s Blog, we thought we’d talk about the place that Loveone calls home: 21 St Peter’s Street.

shop front

Loveone lives in a 16th century timber framed building, probably dating from the time of Thomas Wolsey. Like us the building is a bit quirky! It wasn’t purpose built or an empty box for us simply to put our mark to. Instead the floor boards creak, the walls aren’t straight and allegedly we have a ghost living in the cellar! The belief is it started out as a butchers or was part of the Abbey (now St Peter’s Church). We know this because in May 2010, Cathy put her foot through the floor and the builder repairing it found animal bones in the earth under the floor :-/

Over its many years of life – it has pretty much been everything : an antiques shop, bakery, hairdressers, florist – whatever you name it has probably been. But for the last 6 years it has been our lovely home and we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Cathy loves that the building has such a sense of History, although she does admit the wonky walls were a bit frustrating when she first moved in and couldn’t get anything to hang to them. However it is a skill she has now well mastered!


So now you know our history, it is time for a quick tour of our House:

The front of the shop is very much our gift zone. Customers can come in and quickly find something to suit any occasion or person.

The middle of the shop is our local artisan area. But sssshhh just to let you into a secret – due to popular demand, it will also soon be where customers can find our new homeware area. We are soooo very excited about the return of homeware to Loveone and will keep you updated on timings.

At the back of the shop, you will find Jenny Wren’s Yarns. They have a wonderful selection of knitting and crochet yarns, plus patterns, needles, buttons and other accessories.

BBH Upstairs is home to Betty Blue Hat. There you will find a vast array of Vintage Furniture, crockery, glassware, lampstands and many other types of retro Homeware. If you can’t find what you are looking for – they will even track it down for you!


So that is our lovely house, but we just want to say a few words about the street. Like us, the other buildings in the street all have a story to tell. Come and have a walk round St Peter’s street and St Nicholas street (in the area known as the Saints)– there are lots of really beautiful old buildings and you will find lots of other interesting independent traders which are artisan led. St Peter’s Street is also home to regular vintage and craft markets which Loveone run in collaboration with I Make Fun Stuff. Promoting the Saints, is something which Cathy and Loveone are very passionate about and so watch this space for further Blogs.



xx p.s. have you checked out the latest edition of Vanilla Magazine? If not, then come in and get your free copy. Inside you will find some extra Loveone Valentines Gifts suggestions!


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