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Hello Pushkin

Suffolk has many talented designers and makers and we are lucky enough to be able to sell some of their work at Loveone. One of the popular names which has pretty much been with us since the beginning is Hello Pushkin.  The talented person behind Hello Pushkin is Jess Broad and today we have put her under the spotlight!


Hello Pushkin, please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your range?

My name is Jess Broad and I’m a lecturer in Art & Design as well as creator of Hello Pushkin. I would describe my work as highly colourful, pattern based, intricately painted and illustrated jewellery, homeware, stationery and accessories.



How did Hello Pushkin come about?

The project itself began just after I graduated my teacher training qualification in 2008 and was trying to find work. At the time I was doing awful temporary office jobs which were neither fulfilling or good for my self esteem so I needed some kind of creative direction that would earn me money as well as mean I was making work. I started screen printing designs I liked onto cotton tote bags and drawing illustrations onto shrink plastic to make into brooches. I hoped that if I liked the designs and wanted to wear them then so would other people. I set up an online shop and eventually plucked up the courage to ask Cathy if she would stock a few things in the shop. It went from there really. I will say though, to anyone thinking selling your work is a quick way to earn money, it’s not! You have to spend a lot to buy materials before you even make anything so be careful.

The project started as “Cuppa Tea and Cake” because my work was very English, afternoon tea, cake and a cuppa related but as the years have gone on and my work has evolved I needed to rename the brand as I wasn’t creating the same work any more. I chose Hello Pushkin because it doesn’t conjure up any obvious images so enables me to create whatever takes my fancy and sell it under the same name. Pushkin is what I call cats and I often say “hello pushkin!” so it made sense for me.




Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by so many things it’s difficult to pin point one thing in particular and I don’t really seek out inspiration or visual references I just use things that I like when I find them. I read a lot of blogs so I would say a lot of my inspiration comes from what I see online when looking through blogs. My interests are wide but lie in pattern, colour, geometric shapes, fashion, cosmetics, graphics, illustration, architecture, the 50s, the list could go on and on I think! I may see some graffiti that inspires me, the colour of a front door, someone’s choice of clothes you just have to look enough and you will find things that press your buttons.




What do you want people to think when they see your work?

I want people to feel excited by my work because of the vibrant colours and patterns I use. I want them to feel that they want to wear it and be unique and different from everyone else because that’s how I have always wanted to look. And I make everything I create because I want to wear it or use it.




Thank you so much to Jess for being today’s interviewee!

If you are interested in looking more at the Hello Pushkin range – Loveone currently has in stock a wide array of Hello Pushkin cards, brooches, tote bags and tea towels. Prices start from only £2.50 for cards and everything else from a very affordable £5.

Watch this space for availability of Hello Pushkin’s exciting new range of graphic printed items.



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